Error "Your storage is full, files can not be updated or synced anymore!" even after disk space was freed up!

I’m using NC 11 installed by my provider installer and it was working great.
After some time I filled up my space quota on that provider (50GB) and I received the error message on the “files” page: Your storage is full, files can not be updated or synced anymore!

Everything that I was using connected to NC is not working, like user syncronization from my mobile phones, NC client on my laptop, etc. Basically NC works in read only mode.

At this point I started to delete files. I even deleted the files in the “trash can”.
My provider utility to check the space is now saying that I occupy almost 40GB out of 50GB but still the error message is there.

I thought that maybe a restart could be helpful so I wrote to my provider but they replied with “it’s an application issue, we can do nothing”.

I then thought that maybe upgrading to a newer version could help, maybe it would trigger a restart of something.

I successfully upgraded to NC 12.0.0 but guess what? Nothing changed. The message is still there and NC is in “read only mode”.

So I basically can’t use any capability of NC that involves writing.

I wanted to attach the log file but it seems that the “upload” button allows only picture. Strange, in a support forum. Maybe there is another way to upload that I don’t see.

Could someone help, please?

Thank you in advance.


You can just copy&paste relevant sections of your logfile. For larger files, you can use pastebin or other services.

I have increase storage in the past (via LVM) and the changes were recognized immediately. Nextcloud uses the disk_free_space command (

You could use the command in a small script and check the result independently from Nextcloud. If there is a difference with the amount shown in your provider-tools, you have to figure this out with your provider.

As path, you can take the absolute path to your data-folder which can be found in your config/config.php

if (!is_dir($sourcePath)) {
			// disk_free_space doesn't work on files
			$sourcePath = dirname($sourcePath);
		$space = @disk_free_space($sourcePath);
		if ($space === false || is_null($space)) {
			echo "SPACE_UNKNOWN";
		echo $space;

Hello and thanks a lot for your reply.

I placed the script you provided and this is the result:
script: /www/htdocs/w0124f50/ (~231 GB)
provider stat page says I use 39 out of 50 GB of space.
231 GB might be correct but inside this big “harddisk”, I have 50 GB of quota max to use as per my contract.

As the snippet you provided is (supposedly) the same as the one that runs in Nextcloud I can’t understand why it shows the error.

But maybe the log file gives us some useful info:

Error	PHP	reset() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given at /www/htdocs/w0124f50/	2017-07-03T17:56:07+0200
Error	PHP	ksort() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given at /www/htdocs/w0124f50/	2017-07-03T17:56:07+0200
Error	PHP	Invalid argument supplied for foreach() at /www/htdocs/w0124f50/	2017-07-03T17:56:07+0200
Error	PHP	Undefined index: by_file at /www/htdocs/w0124f50/	2017-07-03T17:56:07+0200
Error	PHP	Undefined index: all at /www/htdocs/w0124f50/	2017-07-03T17:56:07+0200

These 5 lines appear in loop, in the log file.

The file is this: and it appears the same as the one installed in my NC.

Any idea?
Thank you!


Oh my!!!
The quota of my user in Nextcloud was 1 GB!!!
I set it to unlimited and the error disappeared.
I’m sorry for the false alarm! :frowning:
Thanks a lot @tflidd!

Although resolved by administrator expanding available space, isn’t this still a serious defect? I had a similar experience playing with a demo of NextCloud 12 and haven’t implemented yet because of it. Shouldn’t end users be given notice before it freezes up and let them delete files to fall within their disk allocation and be able to resume normal operation? Why should syncing of all folders cease? Shouldn’t it still sync what is in the folder up to the allocated disk space? Am I missing something here?

I had no idea the allocation in the demo and just copied a large folder to see the impact on my desktop performance. The next thing I knew NextCloud was effectively hung up and I somehow deleted sufficient data in a manner I couldn’t reproduce to get it functional again. But the experience was very frustrating and not something I want my users experiencing.

How that issue resolved?
I have the same problem.
Please advice
Thanks in advanced


I have the exact same Problem, increasing the diskspace to unlimited and reset it to a lower size, didn’t work for me.
Nextcloud Version 24.