Error with integrity test

Hi there,

I have done a fresh installation of Nextcloud 14. After the Install I get this error with the integrity test:

Technical information
The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read
the previous linked documentation to learn more about the errors and how to fix

- support
		- resources/Why the Nextcloud Subscription?.pdf

Raw output
    [support] => Array
            [FILE_MISSING] => Array
                    [resources/Why the Nextcloud Subscription?.pdf] => Array
                            [expected] => e9f2be7d89abffd8961168a04073198450d9a4e62c66165c94ef1da5fb4ff5a854910a47b1cb34802736419f9c690cc30bcba7e2b61cd1f4effe879621cca9b5
                            [current] => 




I searched manually forthe missing PDF but did not find it either. So how to fix this issue?

Thanks Benny

Same problem here…
There are no such PDF Files in the “” File
I`ve put dummy PDF Files, but its not getting through the System Check…
Any Solution bout this?
ThX in advance… :slight_smile:

That’s weird. I just downloaded 14.0.1 and 14.0.2 the file shows up properly for me. What operating system do you use? Because I suspect some name encoding issues (the file was created on macOS).

I uploaded the missing pdf (copied from the 14.0.3 zip download) to the sever and that solved the problem. The problem seems to be the “?” in the filename. On our server the file gets listed as “Why the Nextcloud Subscription_.pdf” but the integrity test passes.

Same problem here.

I normally completely erase the directory with every update except config & data; then upload from a windows machine.

In 14.0.1 / 0.2 & 0.3 the file is not unpacked using my tool (7Zip). I manually unpacked it shows up as “Why the Nextcloud Subscription_.pdf” which can be uploaded & renamed on the server. This fixes the problem.

The “?” seems not to be permissible under windows in a filename; therefore the file is not unpacked by default… Perhaps renaming the file in subsequent versions would not break this on windows-machines used for uploading?