Error while upgrading to NC 16.0.7 from 16.0.4

Error when click on upgrading to NC 16.0.7 as Notify message,
or same error when click on Overview for Admin menu.

the error message at menu Admin > Logging

Error index Error: Call to undefined function GuzzleHttp\Psr7\get_message_body_summary()

thanks any advice.

i have the same issue. same OC version. i upgraded few weeks ago and everything was fine until a few days ago.

log can be provided. thx in advance.

Update : after reading the logs i realised there was an app at the origin of the issue. so i went disabled :

  • Two-Factor Authentication via Nextcloud notification
  • Two-Factor Gateway (this is the issue in my case)
  • External storage support for Google Drive (this didnt seem necessary but wasnt using anyway)

now when click on Overview for Admin page is available. still OCC app doesnt work so i think i have to work on that.

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Thanks yo8aiv same problem here and deactivating Two-Factor Gateway solved it for me too. That was the quickest errormessage to google to solution i have experienced so far!

yep. with pleasure.
Still not to forget this is just a hack arround it.
we are still looking for a fix.

There is nothing wrong with two factor auth. Just some apps, and the sync client can’t handle it. They need an app password.

Hey eehmke, what you are saying is right, but we are talking about the Two-Factor Gateway. I have never used it anyway and am not exactly sure what it does. As far as i remember I installed it hoping to get the Signal 2FA Channel up and running but never succeded.

ok . news.
after upgrading to 16.0.7 (previously on 16.0.6) Update channel: Production, seems this issue has dissapeared (with Two-Factor Gateway active).

I just had the same issue with 16.0.7 after I changed the update channel from “Production” to “Stable”. Tried to switch back the update channel in the config.php, but no success.
Then I found this thread and disabled the Tow-Factor Gateway - problem fixed, update to 16.0.8 shown.

Exactly the same issue here with 16.0.7 + changing the update channel from “Production” to “Stable” + using the app “Two-Factor Gateway 0.15.1”.
Thanks all for finding this out!

good to know. thanks for sharing with us.