Error when trying to connect (Bad Request or timeout error). in HTTPS

Hi All,
I installed nextcloud 12 and only office document server on my lan in two servers which is running on centos 7
so i configured successfully http and everything working smooth.
So i put another 2 servers install NC and OO same as previous , and configured to run on https
but after configured to https its not connecting,
I am new to Nextcloud so i followed onlyoffice and nextcloud documentations and blogs to setup,
both 2 servers can publicly accessed. https generated from lets encrypt. ports opened as the documentation.
so can you help me to get this thing work


Can you check the browser console for error messages?

  • Hold and Press CTRL + SHIFT + K
  • Then open a office document in Nextcloud with onlyoffice

I would expect some error messages regarding cross-site-loading, which is usually denied by “well-configured” servers.

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Hi Schmu,
Thnks for the reply, But still cannot ad onlyoffice service to next cloud, so there are no application to open document

That means, there are no error messages in the browser console?

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Hi Schmu,
Thnks for the reply, Yes there are no errors in console as I remember, only that popup says error when trying to connect
How ever I am doing another installation and try to connect.
Hope this will be woking !

After another fresh instalation that issue was solved. thanks for help

Fresh installation of what ?
OnlyOffice App ? Docker OnlyOffice container ? Nextcloud ?
I have the same problem with HTTPS, and i’m looking for help.
The docker container works well on HTTPS, but Nextcloud don’t want to ear that

EDIT : For me i getting this error because of Let’s Encrypt cert. I have to use the FULLCHAIN.pem as a cert and not the cert.pem only. It works for me