Error when opening video via NC

Good afternoon, I encountered the following error: when uploading an mp4 file to the service, when opening it gives the error “Error while loading file “”” and you can only download this file, there is no online viewing without downloading the file to your computer

how can fix it?

as you didn’t provide any valuable details I can only tell you “it works on my machine”

Please clarify what information I can send you to help me?

Version NextCloud 28.0.1

Channel Release
Could this be due to the fact that my video is HEVC encoded?

honestly I have no idea how the videos are played… if the server or the client or both are more important… I know it works in general and I remember discussions in this forum regarding unsupported formats for video (and pictures) but I have no reference handy - look around if you find something useful.

definitely this is a good starting point - try some common old codec - chances are higher older codecs are supported rather new ones… if it works with for other formats you know the cause if it doesn’t work at all something is wrong with your installation and requires further troubleshooting.

first understand where to dig and then solve the problem, got it

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Yes, that’s right, it can’t play the HEVC codec, it’s sad, but let’s take this into account for the future
h 256 nvidia codec plays

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