Error verifying integrity

Hi all,

I just want to update NExcloud 18.0.3 to 18.0.4 and i have an error of intégrity of signture?
any idea?

For information i tryed to deleted the installation file and download manually…

Best regards

As ususal I would recommend to use the search function of this forum to find related postings. Due to the fact that these kind of question is asked and answered at least once per week the chance is high that you’ll find an answer on your question :wink:


how i said, i tryed some solutions but no things

I had the same problem.
You have to download version 18.0.5, rename it to 18.0.4 and put this file in the download directory and then from web page, click retry.

I just did it, it ran

I just followed this and the error message changed to “not exact 3 files existent in folder”

It is disheartening to have to struggle with upgrades at least 50% of times - have been running nextcloud for 4 years now and always there is something. Will see if I can find a reference to this message somewhere but it not I will yet again end up doing a fresh install and re-importing my files.

ok. fixed it myself. I’d left the 18.05 in the downloads directory just in case the retry downloaded 18.04 again. Deleted that and retried again and the process at least moved on. Comment above still stands. Updating is often a struggle.

Hi my friend,

For me i deleted the… i download manualy the
I rename to
I upload this files on the server and i retry and it is ok