Error user data

On nextcloud 12.0.4 i have a loop error in the log.
Error no app in context 669933e4-be2c11da-80fec46c-dd0624c0 doesn’t exist, can’t verify user data.

Nextcloud is functional but this message comes hundreds times by day.

Thank you for help.

I upgraded to 12.0.5, the error persists.
This error is about some users.
How can clean the database or do something else for users in error.
I’ve already done:
sudo -u apache php occ files:cleanup
sudo -u apache php occ files:scan --all
sudo -u apache php occ files:cleanup

But it’s the same

Can drop in the “oc_filecache” or “oc_jobs” where i found informations about these users ?

Please help, regards

Hi @Franck

I close this issue in favor of

For me it looks like a duplicate and a bit better documented. It doesn’t make sense to keep open two threads with the same issue.