Error updating 28.0.1 to 28.0.2 stuck error "deleting old files" [solved]

When updating nextcloud 28.0.1 to 28.0.2 the update stopps at “deleting old files”.
In the logs, I find a missing file “core/shipped json” file.
When trying to update on the console via occ, there seem other files to be missing.
What can I do to repair the system?

ubuntu 20.04.06
Apache 2,
Php 8.0

Is it possible to re-install Nextcloud 28.0.1 over the existing system? I have only limited access from where I am now.
Thanks in advance for your help! Rudolf

that is not the update you must do. The occ upgrade comes after the update of the server files, either with the webupdater or on the command line with:

sudo -u www-data php -f /var/www/nextcloud/updater/updater.phar

Much and good luck,

Thanks, I did this already The -f option was the key that was needed (f = force?)

No, it tells PHP to run the following script (-f = file):

php --help
  -f <file>        Parse and execute <file>.