Error on Linux/Unix based browsers

Since the update to 28.0.2, nobody with Linux or Unix based OS can see the login screen anymore.
On Brave Browser, I’ve got the problem with Syntax Errors in the /dist/core-main.js, there is a replacement function for Umlauts, that fails on non Windows browsers (also mobile):


on Firefox, the error is:

Uncaught SyntaxError: illegal character U+00BC

Which refers to the “,A”

On Windows, I was able to read the code, it was interpreted differently.

Am I the only one having this error? Maybe an Update Glitch?

When my VM Guy is back next week, I will reinstall the last 27er version in a container for now and move the data until 28x is stable.

I am using debian and do not experience any problems like you encounter.
I am using NC 28.0.2 stable, installed on Ubuntu with apache.

Please specify what you are using, it will help the community to analyze the problem more efficiently.

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I don’t see these errors in Firefox on Linux (FF ESR on Debian 12). But I’m running in English. Given the error, maybe this is only triggered if using a different language?

Can you also post the full error? (usually there are several lines surrounding a SyntaxError)

I will post all error messages later, but the language is a good idea. I will test it too.

Brave Browser:

My guess is, the other errors are follow up errors, because OC was defined in core-main.js.

When I jump to the problem, we see that the first “not in quotes” character breaks the whole JSON Array that is following. So my guess was, that is the reason.

Firefox dev console:

Tomorrow, I may have the time to install a fresh Docker container in a test environment to crosscheck plus a Debian in English.

Today, my coworker called and said, that public shared folders are not working in Edge for him, but Chrome.

I post the result tomorrow.

First: We found the error - that´s the short version. Nextcloud is not bugged.

Long version:
I finally got a VM and installed a Nextcloud 28.0.2 in a Docker instance and a Kali Live Image on a different VM, in English - Nextcloud works. Another VM with Linux Mint in German, it also works with the new installation - so I was puzzled and thought it has to be an update error. Then I tested the old one: it works without a problem.

From the internal LAN, Nextcloud works as expected, but from the Internet, it throws these strange errors.

So it’s not Nextcloud or the update, the error just appeared by accident now. Our Sophos Firewall interfered with the connection traffic with a WAF rule (Web Application Firewall) and that changed the datastream. As soon as we removed “Rewrite HTML”, the errors were gone.

Thanks for your help, but we can close the thread (and the other one), and if somebody has the error, maybe they find this one and check their firewall first.

Nonetheless, I´ll move NC into a Docker Container later to make updates even easier.

Best regards

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