Error on download a 1,5 GB folder directory


i can not download a zip file from a huge 1,5 folder directory. The zip file is alsways broken and every download try another filesize.

My nexcloud is running on - on my webspace.

Anywhere an idea to solve this?

Lg Stefan

Check the logfiles if you can. Could be some memory limit (perhaps even a time limit, or cpu limit). There are a few points on the documentation where you have to change limits to increase up-/download size but not all hosting providers let you configure all of the settings.

(some are specific for uploading, others are more general for running scripts):

Thank you for this tipp - but i have only a webspace on my privder - not a VM or a server.
So i have no access to the php.ini. I can via FTP all edit in the directory of the nextcloud - if anyone has an idea, how to I can influence the paramaters that are in the php.ini, i’m interested.

Additional info: In another directory of my provider ( a phpbb board is running with php 7.2 and 3 different Wordpress Sites - and that should running as now in the future - so no global parameters in the php behaviour of my provider could changed.

Lg Stefan