Error moving files

Hi all,
I’m really disappointed. I thought nextcloud was really a solution for me and honestly, it was working fine at the beginning.
Then it started to have issues and now nothing is working properly.
Now the current problem is that I cannot move folders or files.
Every time I try to do that everything messes up it says error cannot move and from there good luck.
Somebody can give me expert support I’m willing to pay but I’ve lost already more than one month without a proper solution.
i’m trying to fix the situation with a scan but there is the annoying lock problem and scan cannot go through so the folder and the files are now a mess

This is the error from OCC filescan:

Hi @babaz

do not despair, let’s see if we can get this straight. First of all, could you provide some insights into how you installed your Nextcloud? Snap? VM? Manually?

Do you use Redis for transactional file locking?

Are there any errors in you Nextcloud or server logs besides the one you posted?

What exactly do you mean when you say “error cannot move”? What have you attempted to do?

Hi @simonspa basically from the web interface or from the mobile app if I move or copy a folder it returns error that cannot make it. Then sometimes phisically they are moved but not logically so i need to do an OCC filescan .
I have a docker and I use Redis.
Now also deleting files is impossible :frowning:
Can’t find any log.