Error message after restore

Hi guys,

i tried to get an answer in the german part of the forum but unfortunately no one replies or knows this issue.

I have installed Nextcloud via Proxmox and was interested in testing a backup. Backup was done via Proxmox.The backup restore was done in the same node with another ID. The original container I have shutdown, restored the backup and started it. When I try to connect via browser I get following error.

The restore options I have setup as following:

Nextcloud Restore

The restore status report shows following:

Last time my nextcloud instance crashed somehow and i had to install everything and now i want to test a backup before I lost again everything.

My knowledge about Linux is learning-by-doing. Sorry for that. :frowning:

Would appreciate your support.



Could we have you check the ownership and permissions on your Nextcloud data folder (usually /var/www/nextcloud/data, unless you moved it)? I like to use ls -l for that.

I can only speculate on why the permissions might be wrong - maybe Proxmox uses LXC’s user namespace feature to remap user IDs for security, or maybe the backup/restore script didn’t store ownership information properly.
Whatever it is now, your data folder should be owned by the same user and group as your web server (www-data on Ubuntu), and that user should have read-write permissions to it.

Sorry for my late response.

The original LXC has the following permissions…hopefully thats what you ask me to check. :wink: As mentioned I am “noob” :smiley:

2021-08-14 17_02_41-Error message after restore - Origina

The restored:

Do you suggest to use the Nextcloud backup tool?

Thank you for your assitance.

Those permissions look right, but I’d like to have you test by creating a file in that directory, as the web user:
sudo -u www-data touch /var/www/nextcloud/data/testfile

If the file shows up, then the Nextcloud backup tool may be able to help where I can’t.
If the file doesn’t show up, that’d point to a problem elsewhere. The whole file system or volume might be mounted read-only, which would override/ignore the permissions we see on individual folders. I’d check the Proxmox settings for the container first, and if that should allow writing, check to see if you’re using a read-only snapshot of the old container, rather than an actual restore.