Error message after ncp_dist_upgrade "ssl_stapling_init_cert: can´t retrieve issuer certificate"

After running ncp_dist_upgrade and ncp_update (which went smoothly) apache -process does not start. In error.log there is error: “ssl_stapling_init_cert: can´t retrieve issuer certificate” Subject CN=Archlinux Issuer CN=Archlinux notbefore Mar 9 2019 notafter Mar 6 2029

I am trying to swicth from Pi 3 to Pi 4, being the reason for ncp_dist_upgrade

Raason was insufficent power, so network adapter failed to start. I had swithched to 7” display and used raspberry as power source for display. When I disconnected display, network adapteri got enough power and no more problems with apache or certs.