Error Log Message from Deck App


I have Nextcloud 29.03 with deck version 1.13.1. I use the Nextcloud Deck app daily with my team. Since several major releases this error message comes up several times an hour:

DateMalformedStringException Failed to parse time string (20142-12-01 07:00:00) at position 12 (0): Double time specification
Error while running background job OCA\Deck\Cron\CardDescriptionActivity (id: 44511, arguments: null)

What is the reason? How can I fix this? Does anyone else have this error message?

Greetings, @nihe

Sounds to me like you saved a card with a strange date.

I’m surprised that Nextcloud allows that, someone here had the same problem. Apparently you need to find the faulty card and correct the date. If necessary via the database.


Are you using PostgreSQL by chance?

Yes I’m using PostgreSQL.