Error: internal shares doesnt to be accepted directly

i doesnt work: ‘sharing.interal_shares_accepted’ => true,

it doesnt forces all internal shares to be accepted directly! What can i do?

I created the group “Members” as admin, assigned this group to all users. I also created and shared a few folders for the “Members” group.
Now new users should be created. When they log in for the first time, notifications appear at the top right for them to accept the group releases or to release the individual folders. How can I configure the system so that new ignorant users are shown the shared folders of the group when they log in for the first time and do not have to accept every single folder release?

Some issue but not worked when user from Active Directory trying sharing by group (internal group) to other users.
If user internal and sharing folder by group (same internal group) ‘sharing.interal_shares_accepted’ => true, working fine

I doesnt really understand. Can you explain?

But i think there is an other possibility: the app “Group folders”
Is that right? Ist the best way?
First i can create a “group folder” as admin, then its automatically shared in the group “Members”, the members of this group. The members dont need to accept a group release.
Is that right?