Error installing Collabora with docker on 32-bit RPi

Today I wanted to install Collabora CODE on my raspbery pi. I run apache2 and mysql with nextcloud. So I followed the official instruction here no and got this error:
Error response from daemon: Cannot start container d0f99d8bf5a9cd240f521d27f2b0e93df1ff3d92bfe9f508583affe1e67a2623: [9] System error: exec format error.

I followed a view tutorials how to fix this but non of them helped me.
Could anyone tell me how to fix this error and finally install Collabora Server


That don’t work because the collabora needs a x64 architecture. the pi has a ARM architecture if I am correct.
So the binaries are incompatible. You need to run the Docker container on a x64 device.

So there is no way to run Collabora on my raspberry pi?

No easy one. You need to get the sources of all the stuff and compile it by yourself.