Error creating the share Nextcloud 18.0.3

Hello everyone,

i hope someone can help me.
I installed Nextcloud 18.0.1 to my ubuntu server.
Since the update to 18.0.2 and the installation of onlyoffice, i get the following error notification, at the upper right edge of the view, everytime i will share something:


But after I reload the page the file is shared and the person I shared the file with, can see it and edit it and there are no problems in the logs.
As soon as I click on unshare I also have to reload the page first to see that the share is deativated.

For using Nextcloud it is uncomfortable to see the error notification and always have to reload the page to see a change of the sharing status.

I hope for an early solution and look forward to your help.

My environment:

Ubuntu Server 18.04.4 LTS
NginX 1.14.0
MariaDB 10.1.44
PHP 7.2.24
Nextcloud 18.0.3

Many thanks in advance,

Hello Ngine,
I see the same here: Nextcloud 18.0.3 on Debian Buster with php 7.3.14 and apache 2.4.38.
But I get “Error creating the share” already when I click on the plus-tab for “share link”.
Refreshing the page does not help.

Anyone else seeing this behaviour?
Am graceful for any advice,
best regards

Hi magenta,

Does the person you share the file with, see it?
Are your logs also error-free?


Hi Ngine,
oh - your issue seems to be a little different from mine.
My issue shows up when I create a public link.
I can still create Links for users within Nextcloud.
Will go and seek the log.

In my case, disabling the Password Policy App has taken away the issue.

Solved by configuration of the email server


Can you elaborate on your solution, please? I am having the same problem and was hoping to find a fix. Thanks!

You have to go to the settings and configure a mail server under Basic Settings.
Settings > Basic Settings > Email Server.

Oh wow, literally configure the email. Thats interesting. You can’t share files unless email is configured. huh.

Thank you for your help!