Error connecting to email server


I try since one week to connect to mail server but each time, an error appear : “error connecting to email server”

I write all good informations about my server but nothing works.

i don’t understand why ?

possibly see this one? Does it work when you disable smtp auth?


Thank for the quick answers.

I try with a gmail it’s works but If I try to use Nextcloud, It’s because I don’t want use gmail :wink:

When I try in auto configuration, it’s failed.
When I try without security, it’s don’t works too and it give me no more explication than "error connecting to email server"
With STARTTLS, it’s don’t works too.

How can I disable SMTP ?

Thank’s for all

I’ve also add ‘app.mail.imaplog.enabled’ => true, and ‘app.mail.smtplog.enabled’ => true, in the Nextcloud config.php

It don’t works better …

Have you tried with the SSL/TLS ports settings instead?