Error conflict in App NextCloud Desktop Windows 10 22H2

This is the second time that I write asking for help, my problem is in the file conflict when starting 1 file in 2 or 3 different pc and with different users,
I have the Nextcloud App Updated also the nextcloud server 27.0.2 which is on ubuntu 22.04,
My case is that we use many PDF files and DWG, DOCX, XLSX files, but when any file is started 2 times on different users and 1 user makes a change to the file the error is for the other user, it closes the Nextcloud App and cannot be started again until both machines close all the files they have open to find out which one is conflicting.
This does not happen with TXT files less than 50kb, and I can see the yellow conflict status icon and when the TXT is greater than 1mb it closes the nextcloud App.
Can anyone help me?