Error "Command "maintenance:install" is not defined" while moving to another server or restore backup

I’m deploying docker nextcloud:17.0.0-apache in my kubernetes cluster, i created volumes and mapped config, custom_apps, themes and data but everytime i created the new pods and map that folder, the installations fails with error “Command “maintenance:install” is not defined.” while i have ‘maintenance’ => false into my config.

In fact i want to persist config because i had some config in my config that are not available as docker variable as trusted proxies, overwriteprotocol. As my pod is behind a proxy desktop client cannot grant access to the account and still stuck with grant access button disabled … Please how can i solve it? I think about map all the folder HTML by taking a copy of the first install but after it i can’t view files in Files menu, cannot upload logo … The desktop client cannot access to my account with the config generated (as i am behond a proxy) and everytime pods restart i have to delete the admin user … is the production or V18.x have the same issues?