Error Check for expected files - Error Nextcloud

When I try to update via the web interface, I get the error:

Check for expected files

The following extra files have been found:

  • nextcloud

****I’ve searched other topics and haven’t found an answer.

Update NC 16.0.3 for 17.0.1
Debian 9
PHP 7.2

Data folder is set to a different location than nextcloud directory.

I appreciate the help.

Check the nextcloud installation directory (/var/www/nextcloud in case of Ubuntu-like OS). Is there a subdirectory or file named nextcloud? If yes, delete it or move it somewhere else. If n, send us your apache vhost config file. And, what is your OS?


Yes it has the nextcloud subfolder. After deleting the folder I was able to update.

Thank you!

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Thank you. In this case, please mark my comment as solution.