Error "Can't create or write into the data directory" at setup screen

Hey folks,

I just last night was attempting to setup my first nextcloud service. I decided to use docker, but i dont know how to use docker compose, so I decided to do the mysql and nextcloud seperately. I have both containers up and running. Nginx is running on the host as a reverse proxy and when I go to my domain, I’m presented with the initial login / create admin screen, and I have a good certificate.

When i did my “docker -run” I made sure to link it to the mysql container. And I also flagged both containers to run on the same network. I think the step i missed was also linking the mysql container to the docker container when it did its run command, but im not sure if I should do that. Or if there might be another problem.

also, one other question. in the nextcloud setup screen, for the data file, should I be using the mysql container data file path, or the persistent data file path on the host?

Thanks for your help.