Error after updating MariaDB and phpMyAdmin


I’m new to Nextcloud and taking my first steps by running it on my Synology NAS. Everything worked fine until today, when I updated to MariaDB 10.3.29-1038 and phpMyAdmin 4.9.7-1025. Right after installing, I can’t access Nextcloud anymore and I get the default error page (“Internal Server Error”).

Since the nextcloud.log is a bit too big to completely copy/paste here, are there certain sections I can look for? Can I provide any other information?

Big thanks in advance!


phpMyAdmin is only a nice tool to access your database via the web. It is not needed to run nextcloud.

Can you access the database via phpMyAdmin?

Can you SSH into the box?

Can you access the database via command line?

Which web server do you use? Look into the error log of the web server first.

I can access the database using phpMyAdmin and SSH through CMD. I’m using Synology’s own Web Station and the Apache 24 log file was completely empty.

Thanks in advance!

So the database seems to be fine. Are the database credentials in the config.php of your nextcloud? Did you scan the nextcloud log file for entries like “error” or “fail”? There should be some hint. Also you could try to setup the apache to produce some error.log.

Try webserver and php logs.

I couldn’t find anything relevant in the nextcloud.log but when I went comparing the MySQL version number that’s in the config.php and (left on the image) and the one I found through phpMyAdmin (on the right), there was a difference.


I hadn’t yet set up PHP logging @Larry_Boyd, I’ll do it now.

Thanks in advance!

The version number on the left is the NEXTCLOUD version. On the right, its the mysqlnd version you are seeing, “nd” means “native driver” – for PHP, which does not correspond to the mysql/mariadb version (which you have in first post as 10.3.29), however, the version there seems very low. On my system, the mysqlnd version corresponds with the php version, so I’m confused by the fact that yours reads 5.0.12, which is much lower than your php version 7.3.24.

Is there some package I can install to update the mysqlnd to a more recent version? Presuming that you can’t separately update the mysqlnd from PHP?

Thanks in advance!

You’d have to check with whatever is providing package updates for your platform. You said something about “Synology NAS”, which I presume to mean you aren’t running a typical Linux distro like EL or Debian, so I really can’t offer you any suggestions.

On something like EL (i.e. Red Hat / CentOS / Rocky Linux), the package manager (yum/“dnf”) would make sure that dependencies are all satisfied before allowing a package update. And of course, I simply don’t know if that is even related to the issue you’re having. You say that “phpmyadmin” works, so I would imagine that php is able to access your database.

You really need to get the reason for the error from some error log.

Regarding your nextcloud log… it wouldn’t help to share the entire thing. Just the last few lines should suffice. Try tail -n50 nextcloud.log > partial.log and share that.

Ok, I found something out. I get the “Internal Server Error” message when I try visiting Nextcloud using my domain name but everything works fine when using the local IP address from my NAS ( In which direction should we look for troubleshooting considering this new info?

Thanks in advance!