Error 504 when login in (for one single account)

After upgrading form 23(latest) to 24 (latest) my main account suddenly can not login any more (but the sync client can from all my computers, Linux, Mac etc). It also works to use the “impersonate” function to get into this account and use it, so there’s nothing obviously wrong within.

I have tried everything i can think of using the .occ command to repair and clean things up, as well as disabling whatever app I can think of which could have any affect on the login but nothing seems to bite. Other accounts (as well as a temporary new one) have no problems to login, its just this one account that doesn’t want to.

To be honest, I do believe the login itself actually succeeds, but there’s something else its waiting for after the login that creates this 504, doing a refresh after the error doesn’t make any difference.

There must be someone else with this problem as well, right?

(The system is run using podman and the nextcloud container)