ERROR 405 after upgrade to NC13 with SAML only Chrome browser!

Hi All,
I’ve upgraded from NC12 to NC13 and the SAML auth stop working only on Chrome browser (Windows and Ubuntu machines).
After introducing your credentials on 3rd party application Nextcloud gets redirected to https://*********/apps/user_saml/saml/acs

  • Linux and Windows client application WORKS fine
  • Firefox works fine
  • Google Chrome DOES NOT work
  • Android app DOES NOT work

This is the error

This page isn’t working
If the problem continues, contact the site owner.

I don’t know how to troubleshoot this HTTP ERROR (I’ve opened an issue with Google Chrome, no replies in 24h…)

Ubuntu Xenial 16.04
Versions SAML 1.4.0
NC 13 version

Any advice?

I can confirm the problem. An otherwise perfect SAML authentication setup stops working after upgrade, but only on Chrome.

I think error 405 (Method Not Allowed) indicates an incorrect method (post, get, etc.) to /apps/user_saml/saml/acs.

Chrome network debugger indicates a POST request is made to the acs URL, successfully (302 Found), followed by a GET request, which fails with error 405.

Hi everyone,

Problem has been solved updating the SSO & SAML app to new release
Everything is fine now with Google Chrome.


The 405 Method Not Allowed is an HTTP reaction status code showing that the predetermined demand HTTP strategy was gotten and perceived by the server, however, the server has rejected that specific technique for the asked for the asset. To follow the guidelines to fix it on err spdy protocol error. That will be good.