Error 0x80070185 The cloud operation was unsuccessful

I quite recently installed Nextcloud on my server and I am constantly getting massive sync problems with the Windows Desktop Client.
I have about 150GB of data on Nextcloud, and sometimes big chunks of data change, for example when I create a whole bunch of .wav or video files, I don’t know if this play into this by any chance.

Anyways: the problem is, sometimes I get “Error 0x80070185 The cloud operation was unsuccessful” when I try to open virtual files that are only on the server. No chance to access that file via the explorer then, only via the web interface which is pretty inconvenient.

Does anyone have this issue? Any ideas what I could do to resolve this? Happens on my main machine and on my laptop. And often times it seems to happen quite randomly, like only 1 file in an entire folder, or a random small .jpg file when all the other files work…


I got the same problem. No solution so far.

Too bad. If I can’t fix this, it is a total dealbreaker for me… I need reliable accessibility to my files via client.
Maybe someone else is going to chime in…

Ok, seems like Virtual Files are just overall buggy and unstable. Gonna disable the feature for now. Threads on the issue:

same here…

One of our employees has been getting this same “Error 0x80070185” for about 1 and a half weeks now, she can’t open some files from NextCloud in File Explorer. An IT company has been trying to solve this issue for us for a while now without any luck.

They’ve tried re-installing the files to the PC, re-installing the program, we’ve tried changing the DNS settings of our server host among other things. Nothing seems to fix this issue.

However the files that give this error do work on the web version of NextCloud.

What helped with one of my customers was downgrading the Client to Version 3.2.2 and deleteing the .sync*.db file in the local Nextcloud folder. After the Client resynced with the Nextcloud everything seems to work.
Just a moment ago I updated my own Client from 3.2.3 to 3.2.4 and the Problem still persisted. After deleting the .sync*.db file and resyncing with my Nextcloud, it seems to work so far…