EPUB/CBZ/PDF ebook reader can't be activated

I tried to install the “EPUB/CBZ/PDF ebook reader” app today after there was a message in the nextcloud twitter feed about it. Download worked, but the app didn’t got activated and every try to do that ends up with this error message:

Index name “oc_reader_preferences”.“reader_preferences_file_id_index” is too long.

I have no idea what this might be or how to solve this. Does this depend on some database settings?

I’m running Nextcloud 20 on a Ubuntu VServer with MariaDB 10.1x. Log doesn’t show an entry for that…

This problem has already been reported. Please follow these issue tickets for further information:

With NC 24, i have got the error

“Column “oc_reader_bookmarks”.“content” is type String, but exceeding the 4.000 length limit.”

during installation of the app.

That fix seems to be working: