Envoi d'un mailling au carnet d'adresse pour partager un fichier

Hey guys,

I have a question with Nextcloud email notification.

I would like to send an email to my adressbook/contact when i’m sharing a file or a folder. But when i share the file, i can only send to an user or to a group.
Can you tell me if its possible to send directly to every contact or not ?
I have almost 1500 contact, so i cant write every mail one after one …

After some research, i think its not possible but i want to be sure and thats why i’m here.

Thank you for your help !


Bonjour à tous,

J’ai une question concernant Nextcloud et son envoi de mail.

J’aimerais envoyé un mail à ma liste de contact lorsque je partage un fichier ou un dossier, mais quand je partage le fichier, je n’ai la possibilité que d’envoyer un mail à un utilisateur ou à un groupe mais pas à tout mes contacts directement…
J’ai plus ou moins 1500 contact donc je ne peux me permettre d’envoyer à l’un après l’autre…
Est-ce que c’est possible ?

Après plusieurs recherches, j’ai cru comprendre que ce n’était pas possible, mais je préfère venir poser la question ici pour en être sur.

Merci déjà,


No, I haven’t seen this feature. You could create a hidden mailinglist, share it with that mailinglist. One thing is having the feature, the other is if you can deliver all these mails. For 1500 very similar mails, you are quickly blocked by the large mail operators.


No one had a answer for this ?

we need to share release with a lot of client.
I import mail adress to contact app and I did several group for every department, now i would like to send automaticlly an mail notification to each group when we add a new release in the department folder but it look not possible.

Can you confirm this ? We can notify mail only with internal user ?

Thanks you for your help

Best regard