Enterprise subscription emails

Hi there, i have a nextcloud server and after an update it keeps spamming emails, first it sends subscription mails to everybody then to admin list, anyone knows how to stop them ? or configure them, i 'cant find anywhere how to debugg this. Thanks in advance.

No one can help ?

I have trying to figure out how you got this. In all my installs of NC I have never come across this. So I have even installed a new version from scratch and still nothing. What version of NC are you running? Are the invitation emails sent to your users to connect to your Nextcloud instance? Not sure what type of email you are referring to?

@Starfish The invitation is sent to user to conenct to my nexcloud instance.
After i made update from version 13 to 14 all the users received an email from the update afterwards the admin group received emails, in this mails they request subscriptions to nextcloud, what i want to do is to stop these nextcloud subscriptions emails… dont know if you understand what i want to say :-?

Yes I understand. Struggling to find any settings, other than the Activity > Send Activity Emails. So I am starting to wonder whether you may have an app enabled that might be doing this, which is not part of the standard install (which I have). Could you possibly look through the settings of the apps that you have enabled to which one might behave in the way you are explaining?

@Starfish this is the text message " Your server has no Nextcloud Subscription or your Subscription has expired" and from what i know it’s the default installation. Nothing added.

No I have never seen or heard of this before, so could you please log a bug over on github? Only the devs will know when this is triggered, and why you are seeing it. Sorry man!

@Starfish another thing that i’m trying to fix is to delete the button from the NewUserMailHelper , for new users when it sends an email it spawns 2 buttons one to go to nextcloud and one for installation, do you know if i comment the creation of button from NewUserMailHelper, on next update will it overwrite the file ? and spawn again the button for new users when they receive mail message ? Thanks for all the help.

Yeah all settings in all apps that you have customized, will be overwritten on updates. So the common way of upgrading is to copy out all of your apps, upgrade, copy the apps back. That way yout settings stay put.

@Starfish i saw that an app could be built to do this automatically do you have any knowledge about this … ? Like if it could overwrite the files after the overwrite of the update , lets say that doing an update overwrittes all the files so the settings will be set to default and my app will reset the settings back as they were before update or at least a partial section where the creation of the button took place, is it possible ? ( i mean if it will work and the file that im creating can for sure overwrite and be the same always or they delete the created apps too) ?

Unfortunately not, sorry. Maybe @tflidd or @jospoortvliet will know more.

@tflidd @jospoortvliet in hope you will see the tagg , could you help me with my problem and that’s how to replace and keep the settings of NewUserMailHelper.php without losing the settings on update? I tried and modified the settings and it worked but on update it overwrites everything and i wish to keep the settings… i can’t find anything useful about how to save the settings of edited files beside creating an app ~ ( but there isnt some good documentation about this and im beginner with nextcloud and development, any help will be useful)

Thanks in advance.

This is a support app that is sending these mails. There was a topic recently, it’s when you have a certain number of users typical for enterprise usage, Nextcloud wants to say that it might be worth considering business support as well. It should only notify admins not users as far as I know.

For modifications in apps, if there are reasonable modifications, you can always create a pull request since it might be a nice feature for other users as well. Then you won’t have problems on future updates.