Enpass WebDav Trouble + IP Block?

Hey there.
We realized last week that our password synchronizing with ENPASS doesn’t seem to work anymore. It seems to be a problem centered on the Enpass end, not nextcloud.

But while trying to get it back synching it seems that nextcloud has flagged or banned our IP’s in our office. If we connect with either of our 2 Wifi’s we cannot enter our cloud, but with our cell phone data we were able to connect. Any idea how to unblock these IP’s?

Further: Anyone who got ENPASS working on nextcloud? Or a good alternative for a password sharing program which synchronizes with nextcloud.


Are you using fail2ban on your NC server or do you only rely on the Nextcloud bruteforce detection?
For the latter, you can unblock yourself by logging in to the database and running the following SQL queries

  1. to see all blocked IPs with timestamp:
    select date_format(from_unixtime(ocb.occurred),'%e %b %Y %H:%i:%s') as OCCURRENCE, ocb.* from oc_bruteforce_attempts ocb;
  2. the following command to unblock a specific IP:
    DELETE FROM oc_bruteforce_attempts WHERE ip = 'aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd';

In addition you should probably add your office IPs to the whitelist of the Nextcloud bruteforce detection in the Settings menu of the admin user.

If you use fail2ban, you can check if that blocked your office IPs and unblock them by running:

grep Ban /var/log/fail2ban.log | grep <office-IP>

fail2ban-client unban <office-IP>

Enpass works pretty fine for me and friends and we all sync our vaults with a Nextcloud server. I noticed that the webdav sync produces some errors in the nextcloud.log from time to time, saying that the first sync attempt failed. It doesn’t cause any issues on my side yet, but could be an issue for you - depending on what exactly blocked your IPs and why.