[Enhancement] Settings & Page Layout - 3.1.3 on 16.0.1

Are there configurable settings for contacts? The default fields and layout aren’t exactly local friendly. Ideally, I’d like to be able to rename and reorder default fields. I can’t find anything useful. Apologies if I’m missing something obvious.


Is it possible to ‘fix’ the order/positioning of fields on the contact page? Adding an additional “Property” to a record can significantly change the page layout. Fields display in different positions from one record to another depending on which fields and how many were added.

Where users sync with and work from their own devices, localisation preferences are more easily managed, however, I have several remote workers who use managed or shared workstations so the web interface is their only option.

I’ve searched posts here going back several releases and I can’t find anything similar except a template suggestion from last year which was referred to https://github.com/nextcloud/contacts/issues I looked there too but didn’t find any clues.

Any suggestions, directions or advice would be appreciated.


Hi! :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “local friendly”?

Any screenshots to explain your issue? :slight_smile:

Hi thanks for responding.

I meant local as in localisation. The address field order isn’t right for UK addresses. UK addresses place the Post/Zip Code after State/Province and before Country. Apartment Number, House Name, Building Name and PO Box all use the first line of an address so the label ‘Post office Box’ doesn’t look right. It’s not unworkable but it would be nice for users to see a familiar layout. Is localisation a thing at this level?

Setting the default contact template would make a great difference. Currently each additional property has to be added every time. Users won’t add add a property if the contact doesn’t “need” it and this changes the way different contacts appear.

Pics added to explain what I’m seeing.

The Default

Add Detailed Name and Phone moves to the right column

Add Nickname and Email moves to the left column

Add a few more details and now property types become split across columns and look ungrouped.

Being able to set the a default template would go some way to having data appear in the same place for each contact.

I understand this is more likely a feature request but I thought I’d ask here first.

Thanks again for your interest.

Hey :slight_smile:
Thanks for the explanations.
Regarding the layout being split sometimes, there is already an opened issue about it: https://github.com/nextcloud/contacts/issues/654

Regarding the localisation of addresses, I think we covered that before, let me check :thinking:

For the addresses layout, here we go: https://github.com/nextcloud/contacts/issues/833

Please head over there.
I’ll close this issue :slight_smile: