[enhancement Request] Steer a second and third Nextcloud from a Nextcloud on NAS

I have a NAS which is only reachable in LAN. Several Clubs offer Nextclouds as part of the Membership. Some use them for their Photos, others for project files. most have a Calendar.
I would like to have a seamless integration of all my Nextcloud accounts in my Nextcloud on my NAS. The current Federated sharing seems a bit to much limited, especially if changes happened on the Nextclouds.
It would be nice If I could e.g. share files among the accounts by set a Tag on Files or category on Calendar/Contact items.

Not possible, but a cool idea. These sorts of things are longstanding feature requests.

This is the way. It is what it is.

In that case they will all need to use the same Nextcloud in regards to those app these wish to keep synchronized outside of federated files and folders.

That sounds a bit negative. Do you know more?

That’s the easiest part. The most important part here may be that the steering Nextcloud has all apps installed it should steer and sync.
After that you have to check what Nextcloud needs what data. I see much potential for individual Nextclouds.

I don’t believe that you wish to share everything with everyone.