English term of German "Sofort Upload"? And where is the documentation?


I use the German version of the Nextcloud Desktop Client, but can’t find informations about the “SofortUpload”-Feature within the documentation (https://docs.nextcloud.com/desktop/2.6/index.html). Searching e.g. for “direct upload” was unsuccessful …

Does someone know the “chapter” about this feature?


I guess there was something mixed up… With “sofort upload” you probably mean the auto (image/media) upload feature of the mobile (Android/iOS) clients?
Otherwise could you make a reference to where you’ve read this being a feature of the desktop sync client?

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You can ask your question also in german at https://help.nextcloud.com/c/international/deutsch/19

Did a quick look at Transifex and didn’t find anything related to “Sofort Upload”.

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After installing the Android-client I found the folder “SofortUplload” for the first time:

Shot Android:

Shot Windows Client:

But it’s not a “physical” folder – shot of Total Commander Android:

Hmm (1), maybe an app created this “virtual” folder?
Hmm (2), maybe I have to ask the “/e/”-community, too …

Thank you, @jones4410 & @rakekniven!

Did another search at GitHub and cannot find “SofortUpload” as well.

If I am not wrong this folder is created when you enable an option to upload your images when they are taken.
“Sofort Upload” means instant uploading.


Is that an option of Android? Have seen it somewhere but cannot remember the details.

It is also available in the iOS client settings (first option if you’re not a german speaker):

The function I know.

It is about the name of the folder. The String is not available at Transifex, so where does it come from?

that’s beyond my knowledge.

The iOS app created a folder called “Photos” if it is not already present.

Here: https://nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-for-android-3-11-0-brings-better-auto-upload-and-over-160-other-improvements/

So it is Android topic, moving it

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In the english version of the app the folder is called “InstantUpload”.