Enforcing expiration date but giving a maximum period

Hey there NextClouders,

i installed Nextcloud and was wondering if i can enforce a expiration date maximum, so for example:

I want to define, that an expiration date must be set, the default value is 7 days, but the user can change it up to 30 days, not more.

I can set everything up, but not the maximum of 30 days. Is this feature what is not implemented yet or can i set this somewhere via config file?

Thank you in advance!



NextCloud is currently running on a debian 10 server with Version 17.0.2. The NextCloud server is currently not open to all planned users, its in a sort of testing-state and giving that maximum expiration date is the last needed feature to deploy NextCloud to around 100 users.


I am interested to know if you have found a solution to your request :slight_smile: