End to end encryption with Hostiso?

I just installed Nextcloud version 2.5.1 for Ubuntu 18.04 and registered with Hostiso. I’m trying to figure out how to enable end to end encryption. In the Nextcloud demo session I tried, there’s an Apps link in the far right dropdown menu. However, in my Nextcloud/Hostiso web dashboard there is no Apps link, so I’m not sure how to access the encryption app. Is end to end encryption not available when using Hostiso?

As far as I am aware you need to install the app after the initial setup of your nextcloud server.

Go to Apps, Click you profile image for the drop-down. You will find it in the Files category


When I click my profile picture the drop-down menu shows the following links:
“Settings”, “About”, “Help”, “Order more space!”, “Log out”

I don’t see the “Apps” link in the drop-down menu. It seems like the Nextcloud/Hostiso web dashboard is different than the normal Nextcloud dashboard. I can’t find the Apps link anywhere on dashboard. Does the link actually exist on the Nextcloud/Hostiso dashboard?

I attached a screen shot of the drop-down menu.

Thanks for the help!

I’ve never used them myself, as it’s hosted you may need to ask them to install apps