End-to-end Encryption (E2EE) App not getting updated. Help wanted?

Hello all,

It’s been about 6 weeks since the release of NC23. It appears that the end-to-end encryption app’s Github repository has been updated to support NC23, but no signed app has been published to the app store.

I would like to help contribute, but I don’t see any outstanding issues in the repo that are blockers for NC23 support. I also don’t have the necessary privileges to push an update to the app store. It looks like the two principal developers of E2EE have been inactive on GitHub since the end of November 2021, so I would like to start a conversation here about how to help ensure the future of E2EE.

Thanks, all!

As you’ve noticed, all discussion and coding is handled on Github. So, that is the place to submit Pull Requests or open / reply to issues to ask those devs questions.

edit: Seems you’ve done so!

There are several apps ready but not released for 23, including E2E and SAML SSO.

I am slightly suspicious that this is to discourage businesses from upgrading before other users have done more testing of the new release. We use it in our business, and if it is the strategy, it’s working on us.

There have been quite a few comments on GitHub about this, and no response from the maintainers. Of course people get busy sometimes, but one of the maintainer’s profiles suggests he may be on sabbatical. That’s what brought me to the forum. Is there an NC maintainer appropriate to @ on GitHub who might not be listed on the E2EE repo?