End-to-End Encryption development status

Hello all,
I tried to setup EE2E on both NC22 and NC23 and only the setup works. Features like folder sharing still does not work, so at this stage EE2E is useless.
Besides the sentences in https://nextcloud.com/endtoend/ are totally misleading and should be updated.

"Nextcloud features an enterprise-grade, seamlessly integrated solution for end-to-end encryption. It enables users to pick one or more folders on their desktop or mobile client for end-to-end encryption. Folders can be shared with other users and synced between devices but are not readable by the server.

Note: our end-to-end encryption solution is under constant development. Some features part of the design have not yet been implemented in the client or server code. In particular, as of January 2021, offline recovery, sharing and HSM features are on the roadmap."

What’s the real status of EE2E in Nextcloud?


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I think this is a lie. Maybe someone can change the text.

Another source:

“As these files are no longer available on the server, and thus can not be shared with a public link, accessed in the browser or shared in a chat session, end-to-end encryption is not meant for the majority of data.”
“In a future release, the scheme will allow for secure, end-to-end encrypted sharing with other users.”


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