End-to-End Ecryption category missing


On the End-to-End Encryption appstore site is the button to ask a question or discuss the app.

The link jumps to https://help.nextcloud.com/c/apps/end-to-end-encryption

But then:

It would perhaps make more sense to just use a tag as it can be the app (server-side) or any of the clients. But I’m not sure if the app store can link to tags @BernhardPosselt

@tflidd the app store has built in code to create the appropriate categories on the forum automatically but people did not configure it. So the current workaround is that @jospoortvliet creates the app categories at one fell swoop.

The store also has functionality to link to a custom address fyi if desired.

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Created the category. Thanks for pointing it out and sorry it took so long… Yes I am behind creating new categories, ping me perhaps about missing ones!