Encryption password warning

Hi all,

getting this warning since a few weeks on my self hosted nextcloud instance:
“Invalid private key for encryption app. Please update your private key password in your personal settings to recover access to your encrypted files.”
i have never used the encryption app, enabled or installed it. I also do not suffer from not being able to access any files or no other issues, no errors in log, only the warning keeps poping up,which is annoying, how to disable this warning?

my system:
nextcloud 19.0.3
all apps up to date, security and setup all green, checked and passed
arch Linux 5.8.7-arch1-1 x86_64
Version: 7.4.10
Memory Limit: 2 GB
Max Execution Time: 3600
DB: mysql
Version: 10.5.5

and i did also check https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/8546 and such sites but these people all seem to have enabled encryption at one point or another, I did not.