Encrypted files no longer accessible


Currently running a nextcloud 21 instance where encryption had been enabled previously but since removed.

Most files are accessible without issue, however there are a few which are no longer accessible since disabling encryption and decrypting them.

If encryption is re-enabled in order to decrypt them, would this cause further issues and is there an alternative to remove encryption from these files.

Any advice appreciated.


Back everything up before switching encryption on or off, unless you like losing data. The encryption isn’t exactly foolproof, might be good if you want to keep the data out of evil hands, but not good if you still want access to the data yourself.

Hi Larry,

Thanks for your response.

The data in question was encrypted but is no longer encrypted the module was removed, the decrypt command was run, however didn’t seem to decrypt all files.

How should I go about restoring the files that are still encrypted?

Would enabling the encryption module again and running the decrypt command cause any further problems?


To repeat myself, back up your data before you try something like that.


Thank you