Encrypt selected folders only


This may be more appropriate in the “support” section, but if not it can be a discussion on enhancing the data encryption feature.

From what I know, the server side encryption encrypts all the data on the NC server. I was wondering if there is a way to only encrypt certain folders/files.

Use Case:
The nc instance acts as a general cloud based file share and collaboration tool for my users. Most of the data is internal company documents, not sensitive enough to justify encrypting.
However some of the teams/users deal with customer data and hold private information within the documents. I would like these files/folders encrypted as a precaution.

Is this possible?


i have an other Use Case:
I have on my home server nextcloud and a data directory for the most users. This folder should be encrypted. But some user have special local folder on the server there are in the nextcloud with externel storage plugin, too. This folder should not be encrypted.

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If I remember correctly in NC will allow encryption of just external storages (right @icewind ?).

I think it can, but any server side encryption is all or nothing. The use
cases here are about selective encryption of files/folders.

I’ll see if I can get a few more use cases collected with the communities
help and raise a feature request if people agree

If you store the files locally server side encryption won’t bring you that much. Since if an attacker has access to your system they can also get access to your encryption keys.

I understand. The more sensitive files are stored on network attached

coming a bit late to that one, but I would love to see that too. For me too, I would like be able to encrypt only certain folders but not all

Maybe try the end to end encryption which is in early access? https://nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-introducing-native-integrated-end-to-end-encryption/