Encrypt:all returns module not loaded error

Hi there

I enabled encryption before transferring files to Nextcloud data folder. However I was not sure the files were really encrypted so I decided to use occ to remove decryption. I have Nextcloud on Docker and the correct user is abc not www-data (linuxserver docker image). I know this because the file:scan command from occ also only works with abc user.

I then followed the OCC manual for version 12 and enabled the app, then enabled encryption and then checked status. All returned true and the default module loaded. I then put Nextdocs into maintenance mode and run encrypt:all command. Everytime I do this it returns an error that the default module is not loaded. I then logged in as a normal user. There is no delay in logging in (should it not be encrypting my home storage, i.e., all files).

Couple of questions:

(i) Will renabling encryption without running the OCC command automatically reencrypt files including those I originally had on my data file that I run the decrypt command on?
(ii) why the occ error all the time?;
(iii) how can i check files are actually encrypted?

Thanks for any help you can give me.