Enabling encryption but NOT on external storage

I want to enable server wide encryption for all users but NOT for the (one) external drive connected to the admin account.

I want to be 100% sure that the external drives do NOT get encrypted.

Please advice. Thank you!

Please note that server-side encryption was designed for external storage and only provides the expected protection in this scope. Without the advantages, you add a lot of code complexity and add a couple of potential pit falls (backup and restore procedures, some apps not working, …).

If you use encryption on some of the external storages, you can normally select upon configuration if you want to encrypt data on this external storage (do make a try, I haven’t used encryption since a long time).

I’m not really sure what you’re getting at. But all i want to do is enable encryption for all files, except on the files uploaded to the external drive.

I.e only the /data folder.

The server-side encryption has been designed to work on external storage - it has not been designed to encrypt the local storage, although you can do that. The rational behind this, was to safeguard any data that has been stored on external volumes like OneDrive, GoogleDrive or Dropboy, by encrypting it.

The local user folder has never been subject to perfom encryption on. If you should want to have that, please take into account that you will need to have a backup of the local data as wellm should anything go wrong, just as you would have for the data stored on any encrypted external volume.