Enabling E2E encryption makes the desktop client sluggish

Hi together.

Now that the new Nextcloud client version 3.0 is available and Nextcloud is Production ready for End-to-End encryption I activated it again yesterday.

On the Android smartphone with the new client it works pretty clean. But when I update the client on a windows system it looks like everything is working. But then the client behaves very sluggish on the PC. Even with small changes to text files - even outside the encryption folder.

In the client the message “wait for syncronisation” appears very often. When I deactivate the E2E app (version 1.5.2) the Windows client works normally again. The same behaviour is seen on a Linux system.

Can someone confirm this :slight_smile:


My System:

Nextcloud version: 19.0.1 -
E2e App: end_to_end_encryption 1.5.2

Webserver: nginx/1.18.0 (fpm-fcgi)
Database: mysql 10.3.22
PHP version: 7.4.3

There is more although an bug report on GitHub

So note that the ‘slow’ part isn’t a surprise, the E2E is significantly slower than normal syncing due to additional locking and other overhead. We will speed it up a bit more in the future but it will always be a bit slower. That is one of the reasons we recommend to just use it for one or two folders with a not-crazy amount of files. If you want to use E2E for all your files because you don’t trust your server, you should not be using Nextcloud in the first place - Nextcloud is designed to trust the server and the E2E is ‘just’ meant for a small amount of extremely sensitive data.

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So why allow this feature?.. I installed a fresh Nextcloud on a very hefty system to run other services and the 1st thing i did was to enable E2EE just because I figured that that was the smart thing to do… for two days I was pulling my hair wondering why my the whole system was sluggish… and turns out E2EE makes your system un-usable. Please take it out?