Enable upload of folders via "+" button in web frontend

Uploading of folders using the web frontend works easily by drag&drop except with old internet explorer. However untrained users will intuitively use the β€œ+” button for uploading and fail because at the moment only upload of single files is possible.

Suggestion: please allow to select folders as well as to select multiple files at once in the β€œ+” file dialog. It’s easier than sending above explanation to every new user. Add a check box to upload subfolders as well.

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What would you do with IE11 browsers in this case?

I would accept that drag&drop doesn’t work with IE11.

But user would get a fall back solution to upload folders with β€œ+” button. Without this enhancement they would fail compleatly or they would have to create a new folder and upload each file individually.

No. If the browser doesn’t support folder upload it will not work with a + button either. Only way is a browser plugin in such a case which nobody wants to bother with.