Enable Sharing only on one Subfolder

I have a issue with my external Storage.
Our file structure in Windows looks like this:

  • folder
    • subfolder1
    • subfolder2
    • subfolder3

We want to replicate the file structure in Nextcloud (which was finished by setting an external storage to “folder”).

Long Story short: now i want to enable Sharing for subfolder1 but I dont want to enable sharing for the other subfolders and i dont want to change the structure.

Is there a way to get this done with a Workflow, an extra app or a script?

You can only share subfolder1. Go to details/sharing option from subfolder1.

But I only mounted the “folder” how should i go to “subfolder1” details???

First check in external settings that you have sharing correctly activated.


Then you can go in the folder and use the normal sharing options.
Please post your settings and your errors or screenshots with sharing is not possible.

File structure (Company name pixelated)
2022-04-19 12_03_50-Window

External Storage mount in NC (Company name pixelated)

I dont want to enable the sharing for the users except for the subfolder “…-Dispoplan”.

I want a Option to set this Permission without mounting the “…-Dispoplan”-Subfolder as extra Mount with the option “Remote subfolder” because I want this as easy as possible for the users( same structure in NC as in Windows)

I think this special function is not possible. I think you must mount the main folder and the subfolder, too. I think you must decide between sharing and not-sharing for each share.

2022-04-19 16_22_35-Window

I have Mounted a second external storage but with the Subfolder with ab backslash in the Foldername.

The Second Mount overrides the Subfolder. Therefore I can share the Subfolder1 without enabling the share for the other subfolders.