Enable Share Link missing in Opera web browser

I noticed that the Share Link circle/badge and the Enable check box are missing in the Opera browser when trying to share a file, but are visible in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. This has been happening during Nextcloud 13.x and now 14, on several different Nextcloud installs that I administer, all running on the Tech and Me Ubuntu 16.04 virtual machine, but Opera has also had some updates during the Nextcloud 13 life cycle, and I can’t really pinpoint when the problem started.

Has anyone noticed this? Is it something the dev’s are aware of and can address, or is it an issue that Opera has to address?

You mean this two buttons? Works well here :thinking:.

Yep, that’s what I’m talking about. Not visible in opera on my win7 box or my Mac at the office. Used to be there, but not seeing them now. I’ll have to do some digging…maybe a php version issue.

PHP update and Opera update applied. Now I’m seeing the buttons. Don’t which one fixed it, but it’s working now.

Correction. It worked on my Win7 system at home, but not on my Mac at the office.

Same problem with Firefox 62.0.2 + Adblock per Firefox, but if you remove Adblock (or change it) all work fine.

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Same here, now on 16, but with ad blocker uBlock Origin which, like many others offers use of “Fanboy’s Annoyance List”, which in turn contains a DOM element filter ##.share-menu which indeed matches the div containing the + link.