Enable mail notifications for all users


The problem I’m facing is:

I already created all users on my nextcloud instance and they’re using it quite a few months ago. Now they’re asking for the users to be notified via mail when an admin shares a folder with them.

I did some research and that setting should be individually set on the users preferences page. For me that is a real problem as there are +200 users and doing it manually would be slow.

There’s a way to do it for all users through CLI or something?


Anyone can shed some light?

I know that you can set defaults under .../index.php/settings/admin/activity, but they are only valid for a new users, so existing users have own control over the notifications. Have no idea if you can enforce it simply.

Thanks for your answer!

Yes it only applies to new users, existing users stays with the previous settings. I hope there’s a CLI way to do it or something, otherwise next week is going to be repetitive haha