Enable free branding for administrators


This Feature request describes how nextCloud administrators should be modify the general look and feel of their installation.
Maybe tis RFC should be WikiFied, if possible with this Forum tool?


Currently, all assets are fixed: The Logo, Colors, Fonts are fixed and replaced by standard versions on every update by standard versions.


While theming or .css modifications lead to complications for version upgrades (custom themes tend to break tools), it would be good to make some basic assets configurable:

  • the logo: Path to logo
  • the logo in the login screen: path to logo
  • additional info in the login screen (where to reset password, whom to contact, whatever)
  • some colors
  • some artwork (icons)
  • imprint

These settings should be available from the Administrator menu just like LDAP and most other configuration options.
The branding option could be restricteable to Admins or even additional, smaller, groups.

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Thank you for your ideas :rocket:

I agree.

This is (in parts) already possible with ownCloud 9.0.

I think this would be to overloaded for an theming application. If you want to do something like this, you should definitely create an custom theme with the code.

There is an app for that.

In Android you can use placeholder to set your images. Maybe this is an option for nextCloud, too. So you don’t have to change every image path in your sourcode but just the image path in your image management file.

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quoting from app site:
This app is not maintained any more.
The code has to be considered broken, it is not compatible with current OC versions.
This app should NOT be installed or activated.

But, maybe you are right when you say this should be separated from branding. Eventually, we should consider some configurable footer line for imprint, copyright, nextcloud version, links additionally.

You know themes, right? (Linking to old ownCloud repo here: https://github.com/owncloud/core/tree/master/themes ) – most of this is already possible.

It only gets deactivated on update, not replaced. You simply need to enable the theme again. The reason for deactivating it is that it could be incompatible with the new version and we want to prevent the installation being unusable.

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That said sure, managing the color, logos and texts of theming from the admin interface might be cool. :slight_smile:

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Rundeck is one such program that allows for arbitrary CSS for theming. I think this is a good idea.

@joergschulz, theming is possible, We do that here, at CNRS (have a look at https://github.com/CNRS-DSI-Dev/mycore). We changed colors, logo and templates, even apps templates. For instance, the Slogan is in the defaults.php file and very easy to change.

The problem is, as we fork the templates in our theme, to maintain the templates as the core or apps upgrade them. The theme may benefit from more granularity.