Emergency backup options?

I’ve run into a big load of segmentation faults with my Nextcloud Pi (v. 1.11.2) instance on a Pi Model B. I’ve spent a while trialing using NCP so I can replace other cloud services for personal and work use, ran into a few problems at first but finally seemed to have something stable up and running for the past few weeks, so decided now was the time to make a config backup and start moving to a full HDD for storage. Logged in through SSH to see the attached screen, and I’m unable to enter any commands (including shutdown / reboot) without a segmentation fault. However my instance is still working ok, I can sync files / notes / contacts / calendar etc, though as of yesterday I can’t remotely log in via browser (can reach login screen, but hitting log in does nothing).

My linux knowledge is super limited but from what I can gather, I’m going to need to install a new instance etc, right? Which I can deal with, I’m planning to migrate to new storage anyway. but I’d really rather not lose my config and database and have to start from scratch. Maybe this is a stupid question but… is there any way I could back up here, without being able to run nc-backup?


Check or replace, can be any or all

  • Bad power source

  • bad power cable

  • corrupt sd card

  • corrupt external HDD or bad/lacking power source

is a native Linux command and program, it creates a bit-by-bit copy of any disk or partition, not much good if the fs is corrupted tho. I 'd try running fsck to check and possibly repair the fs before.

If you are looking to improve your Linux skills, there are many placed , but I followed and liked https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-to-linux

Sorry for my extremely slow reply here - but thanks for your help. I ended up biting the bullet and restarting from scratch; I’m fairly certain the segmentation faults are from a power issue but I’m getting to the root of it.

Really appreciate the Introduction to Linux link - will definitely give that a go!